Can you do the armadillo job yourself?

Armadillo trapping – how to catch armadillos with traps

Armadillos are very odd looking creatures, especially the nine-banded one; the only one actually found, (out of 20 different species) in the United States. They love warm weather and detest the cold, which is why you will normally find this creature along the Gulf coasts and in places such as Texas, where they will be nocturnal during the summer months, and will come out during the day for food during the warmer temperatures in the winter ones. This is why you are more than likely to encounter the holes that this creature leaves behind as it looks for food, rather than the armadillo itself.

Armadillo trapping is a rather hard task with a lot of things to think about. Preventative methods often rarely work, simply because they eat such a large variation of foods, they will always come back for the things that are naturally present in your yard:

• Freshwater fish
• Grubs and bugs
• Caterpillars
• Beetles
• Wasps
• Berries
• Rotting food

If you are still sure that you can conquer this “beast” yourself, you are going to need a little helping hand. Thankfully, we have some hints and tips for you!

Make sure it’s legal in your state to catch and then release an armadillo! Some states have rather strict rules and the last thing that you are going to want to do is break the law. If it is illegal in your state, call a pest/wildlife control company to handle the situation for you – they will probably do it better and quicker anyway!

Get the right trap! These creatures can be huge, in some cases weighing up to as much as 17 pounds! This means you need a trap big enough for it to sit comfortably in, one that is going to be strong enough to handle the little beast, and also light enough for you to be able to carry it, with the armadillo inside.

The set up for the trap is important. You will need a walkway to the trap itself, preferably made with wooden style barriers, laden with tasty tidbits to lure the armadillo in. Unfortunately, it is not going to be as easy as setting the trap and hoping for the best; you are going to need to work at catching this one!

Pick the right bait. So many people get this bit wrong. You can try from one of the following; they tend to have the best results:

• Maggots
• Sardines
• Meal worms
• Rotting/spoiled meat
• Overripe/spoiled fruit
• Fish

Lastly, once you have managed to trap the creature, (if you have indeed managed) you are going to need to find it a new home. Again, you will need to check with the laws in your state to make sure that you are doing everything legal and above board, but to prevent it from finding its way back to your home, you are going to need to release the armadillo around two miles away from your home.

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