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Armadillo trapping - how to catch armadillos with traps

Armadillos are well-known pests of gardens and lawns. They intend to invade garden or yards mostly. They can easily destroy a garden or yard in minimal time. They dig endlessly in quest of insect food that actually causes the damage. They are unique animals. They don’t cause problem for most people, however they rarely can be a trouble in agricultural and suburban areas. They might even have rabies which might spread to your children and pets. There are lots of humane ways to get rid of them.

If you have an armadillo causing lots of problems in your garden, and if you want to get rid of it, then you can opt to trap it. Armadillos are mostly energetic in the late night or during the early morning. You can make use of a live trap to do the job. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to ensure that the live trap is big enough to retain the armadillo. They might look exactly like a large cat, by size, when they are grown up. You need to bait the trap. Make use of earthworms or fresh fruits. However worms are considered to be more effective, since the fruit might attract other animals such as raccoon. Put the worms in a nylon stocking since it will help the smell go out without allowing the worms to escape.

If you don’t possess a live trap, you can even build one. The trap needs to be 12 inches high, 36 inches long and 12 inches wide. They need to be made of wire mesh and scrap plywood. The trap’s bottom part needs to have a rocker platform. When the armadillo comes and steps over the rocker, the sliding door that is held by the latch will become displaced, thus permitting the door to get shut and trap the armadillo.

Begin the process with an extensive corral and then slowly narrow it down when you get nearer to the area of the trap.

Once you have got the armadillo inside your trap, you can opt to release it somewhere away from your house. In order to make sure that it does not return back again, you can opt to release it in places where it will feel happy. You can let it off near a lake, pond or stream.

The place needs to have certain amount of cover or bush to enable the creature to hide in. Never use your hands to deal with them.

However, relocating them does not work, always. They are territorial and so capturing a relocating one of them will pave way for the next one.

First of all, communicate with the Fish and Game Agency in your state to know if trapping is lawful or not, because in most states, it is considered unlawful to trap an armadillo and release it in another area. Your state might also have rules which might necessitate you to euthanize the animal, once you have trapped it. If you possess large invasion of armadillos, then it is highly advised to call the wildlife expert to deal with the issue.

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